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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vatican's Deplorable Control of Nuns

Dear Blog Visitors:

This will be perhaps my harshest critique of the Vatican thus far. However, when I read the details of the control bishops will now exercise over orders of nuns, I was thoroughly disgusted.

Over the course of several years, holy sisters of the church had to endure countless visitations by members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, whereby bishops are intent upon bringing so-called order to groups of nuns with either feminist or reform tendencies.

The photo above is of Phoebe Furlong, my maternal great-aunt (died in 1935 at age 35), who was a Sister of Mercy. Her religious name was Sister Clarissa. She served her order at a time when nuns were required to wear habits. This requirement was rescinded as part of Vatican II reforms in the 1960's. The Vatican now wants to reverse some of these reforms by exercising stricter domination over the many orders of nuns who faithfully serve God's people.

At a time when the Roman Catholic Church continues to deal with multiple cases of sexual abuse, it seems absurd that so-called celibate men want and expect to have complete control over women of integrity. It is appropriate to mention that multiple reports have surfaced concerning nuns who have been raped by so-called celibate priests in third world countries. What protection will nuns now have, considering that they must submit even more rigorously to the will of male bishops?

At a time when orders of nuns struggle to attract novices, this effort will now become more difficult, in light of the harsh treatment good sisters will have to face at the hands of Vatican officials.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful nuns of the Roman Catholic Church who continue to serve persons in need. I appreciate all that they do. For the most part, sisters have been without scandal. There have been a few notable exceptions, such as reports of children being mistreated or abused at the hands of nuns. However, when we compare abuse at the hands of nuns and abuse at the hands of priests, nuns have an overall better record of integrity, compassion and faithful service to those they serve.

My deepest sympathies to all orders of nuns who are now faced with tougher scrutiny by the powers-that-be. God help us all!

Peace to all,


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